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How to Get There, Things to Do, About Your Stay


Customarily condo owners have a damage/security deposit. I have a $200 damage and security deposit that I will process directly with you and you can pay me by Venmo or PayPal or you can mail me a check. We prefer Venmo because no credit card fees.

Terrasol charges a daily facility usage fee (or resort fee) of $17.50 per night for 2 people, $22.50 for 4 people and $27.50 for 6 people. Children under 10 are no charge. Our 3 bedroom/3 bathroom condo #235 has maximum of 8 person occupancy (4-6 preferred) and condo 115 is designed to accommodate 2. Occupancy must be made known to me in advance of your stay. Terrasol offers parking for $5 per day. Any food and drink charges that you may charge to the room from the palapa restaurant are your responsibility of course. Condo 235 (the 3 bedroom) has a $40.00 cleaning service fee and condo 115 has a $25 cleaning fee which is required and is paid at the end of your stay. All Terrasol charges must be paid directly to Terrasol upon check-out. This cost is not much, but required, and you can use your major credit card at the front desk. The VRBO/Homeaway listing includes this information to you on the listing and it is also in the Terrasol rental agreement I have provided you by e-Sign.

The studio condo, condo 115, is very large and has a king size bed in a separate sleeping areas with a sleeper sofa at the other end of the condo so you can have 4 people stay there, however we prefer 2 people at this condo. The 3 bedroom has 3 bedrooms with king size beds and a sleeper sofa so 6 people can stay or 8 people if you double up in the third bedroom. Please remember that Terrasol does charge a daily rate of $17.50 per night for 2 people and $22.50 for 4 people. If you have 6 people staying at the 3 bedroom condo, the Terrasol’s daily rate is $27.50 per night (plus tax). Example: 4 people for 5 nights = $112.50 (not much money). There is a one-time cleaning fee of $25 for the studio condo and $40 for the 3 bedroom condo. These costs are the same for anyone staying at Terrasol at any condo and do not go to the owner (me). You pay these fees at the front desk at Terrasol and you can pay them with any major credit card.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Terrasol has a strict rule to this and won’t allow any pets (not even a service animal). By the way, Jana and I LOVE dogs and have a wonderful dog named Charlie. If we are Facebook friends, you will see pics of Charlie posted frequently. He goes to work with me every day. He is actually sleeping on my desk now (snoring), as I am typing this document.

Terrasol and most of the condos have options for perfect full views of the ocean and partial views.
The studio condo has a great view of the ocean and you can hear the waves crashing at night. During the summer you can really hear the waves pretty loudly. Not too loud to keep you up from sleep though.
The 3 bedroom condo is right on the very front row and closest possible to the ocean. You have a panoramic million dollar view from this condo.

Both of our condos have a deadbolt lock for the front door and also a locking front metal screen door. The sliding doors can be locked from the outside so you can leave from the patio to the beach or pool and lock the door as well. The reason the front door has a locking metal screen door is so that you can leave the front door open and securely enjoy the breeze through the day and evening. It is WONDERFUL to enjoy that breeze through the condo. If you do that, please turn off the AC. Electricity is expensive and the condo owners are charged for the electricity used during your stay. We try to keep our costs down for you on the condo rental so your help with our utility cost is very much appreciated and allows us to continue to keep our price low. Both condos also have a locking safe for your cash and passports. I have provided you this information regarding all the doors and locks, but I must say that I have never heard of Terrasol having a security issue or something stolen from a condo. The staff is the same people for many years and they value their jobs and appreciate Terrasol’s salary and benefits. There are many people who rent from us year after year and they have made friends with the staff, gardeners, maids, repair technicians, palapa cooks, waiters, and security guards. The staff will smile at you and wave and greet you. Many do not know English but after a few days you will likely pick up some Spanish and get to know them well.

Yes, Terrasol has a maid service that comes at the end of your stay to clean the condo. They also come just before you arrive as well to spruce it up and now they also wipe things down thoroughly as an extra precautionary step to clean. These maids are amazing with cleaning. We try to sweep the floor and then they come after us and they seem to get far more than us. I don’t know how they do it so well. They clean the beds and do the laundry too. It is always a very nice gesture for you to help them if you can start a load before you leave so they can get a head start. They appreciate that very much.

They are open at 8am till 11pm every day. I believe this has been their hours for quite a while. Check in time must be after 4pm but if you arrive earlier you can ask the front desk if the maids have the condo ready for you. They will let you in earlier if possible and if not, then you can leave your luggage with the front desk and go down to the palapa restaurant to eat some lunch and enjoy watching the waves crash from the ocean and feel the cool breeze flow through the open thatch roof dining area. If you believe you will be arriving at Terrasol late, PLEASE contact me immediately. I can make sure there is a key waiting for you at the guard.
If you are needing to check-out before 7am, contact me at least one day before your departure date. I can help arrange for your check out to be handled in advance of your departure and you won’t have to be stressed out.

Honestly, my wife was worried about mosquitos (back in 2019 when Zika was the world’s worry) and we haven’t really seen any mosquitos. If there are, it is very few and likely because we are close to the ocean and fresh (still water) where these bugs like to live. Often we will open our windows and doors and not one bug will fly in. Regardless, we have a company spray our condos for bugs.  We want to do our best to minimize these unwanted intruders. 

Terrasol is pretty much quiet really. If you want a party place, Terrasol isn’t really for you. It is very quiet with no events or parties, and music. From a far distance you may hear the time share places that have big parties going on and you can hear they have loud microphones saying something but I can tell you if I was at those locations I wouldn’t be happy. It would be very loud and annoying. We like peaceful and Terrasol is quiet and peaceful for sure. Between May 1 through October 31 the condos sometimes undergo renovation and work so you may hear some construction, however the workers must work only from 8am till 5pm. Typically people get going in the morning to fish from the shore or walk in to town or marina to shop, eat at the fabulous restaurants and enjoy the party music and fun. Then you can go back home to your Terrasol condo and have a nice quiet peaceful sleep and relax!

Each condo owner has to buy their own internet. I am a technology person and internet and technology is very important for me. I have a hard time getting “unplugged” when I vacation. And I don’t like going back to work with a thousand emails in my inbox. I helped on a project to get fiber internet delivered to Terrasol and we now have it installed throughout the complex. Both of our condos have at 150Mb download speed and it is very reliable. Roku streaming TV is setup for you as well (lots of USA channels) and I have fully automated both condos with lighting z-wave controls to optimize energy efficiency and controlling the lights with Alexa is fun. I hope you find time to do less work and internet, and get out to experience Cabo. Or, go read a book and take a nap on our new lounge chairs on the patio. You work hard, take a day off and unplug for a little while. The wifi password info is at the condo. Got suggestions for me on some new tech stuff? Email me at Walt@Lane.net

Once you get off the plane and you are walking through immigration or customs at the airport your cell phone won’t work very well. You really aren’t supposed to be on your cell phone anyway during that time. When you exit the airport your phone will light up with Mexican cellular providers. I use Verizon now. I was on Sprint and my phone does not display Sprint or Verizon as a carrier, however both will allow international calls and I have yet to receive an extra charge on my bill. You probably should contact your service provider and confirm before you leave. Typically the extra charge could be on data usage and I have heard that can get expensive. So put your phone on wifi when you get to the condo. Terrasol also has wifi throughout the complex. If you decide not to use your cell phone in Mexico, I would consider keeping your phone on airplane mode or turning off your cellular on your phone settings to avoid expensive bill. I have installed a “Google phone” at the condo so you can make and receive calls to the U.S. and Canada for free! The phone will have its phone number labeled on the back of the handset. The other cordless phones are just to make calls to the front desk, the gate, or to other Terrasol condos.

If you have rented a condo before you likely have found that you are on your own to buy coffee, paper towels, etc. We do supply those items at both of our condos for our guests. We go down to Cabo about 4 times a year to re-stock the pantries and check things out and so far we haven’t run out of the core items we believe you will appreciate available to you. We supply coffee, coffee filters, paper towels, plastic cups, aluminum foil, spices, quality cookery and utensils, quality dinnerware, BBQ grill with propane tank, corkscrews, bottle openers, and much more. There is also plenty of beach towels, bath towels, beach chairs (we own the chairs and towels so you must bring back to our condo), sheets, pillows, blow dryer, USB charging stations at each nightstand and other amenities. A pack-and-play portable crib is at the 3 bedroom (which can be brought to the other condo if needed). We really try to outfit the place so we don’t have to pack too much each time we go down. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything specific. And we also love to receive suggestions for items you would like for us to add to the condo for your future stay!

Terrasol has its own desalinization plant so the water at our condos is pure according to Terrasol. We drink from tap all the time. We do buy water bottles just because they are portable and convenient. When we run out of water in them, we fill them back up from the tap and put them in the freezer. We also order water on tap with ice at the local restaurants surrounding the marina. The water is good there too. I have a sensitive stomach and have had no issues at all. So as far as I’m concerned, the water is A-OK.

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja just south of California. The separation of it from the mainland of Mexico provides a layer of remote access for local travelers and easier ability for the control and management of processing visitors to the area. During the Covid virus concern, the majority of residents of Cabo San Lucas vaccinated and took precautions that minimized the outbreak. The Mexican government has invested heavily to assure the employees of the hotels and venues at Cabo have the healthcare available so Cabo may continue to be one of the safest locations in the world to visit.
Although we have not heard of any issue with Zika, over the past years there has been concern about mosquitoes because of the Zika virus in other parts of the world and people wonder if Cabo has this concern. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is found at much of the western hemisphere from the temperate lower altitude regions of Central and South America to much of the United States. (Except for high-altitude locations near 1 mile like Denver, Nairobi, and Mexico City are not threatened by mosquitoes)
I believe you need to allow a perspective to the area you currently live. Most areas of the United States have common and somewhat significant mosquito habitat because we receive moderate rainfall, have many fresh water lakes, ponds, and places for optimum mosquito larvae. Desert environments are not at all ideal for mosquitoes because you just don’t have much standing water anywhere. And that is what mosquitoes need to lay their eggs. And, Cabo is considered a desert-like environment! Therefore we have seen very little, if any, mosquitoes when we visit. There may be some, but I believe that you will have more risk at home in the U.S. than at Cabo. This is our opinion. Do your own research of course before you make your trip. We were at Cabo for 2 months during the Covid outbreak in 2020. If it were me, I would go to Cabo any time without a concern.

Short answer: From the recent history and shared experiences at Cabo, YES CABO IS A VERY SAFE PLACE. However, just about anywhere you go where there are beaches, there will be some way to obtain drugs. Our condo complex at Terrasol is gated and quiet with no indication of anything but the Terrasol staff and patrons with no vendors or solicitors. The Cabo San Lucas marina is a 5 minute walk from Terrasol and is very beautiful with stone pathways, well kept and clean, and includes police patrol on segways. The police are friendly and are not intimidating at all. You will see many families with their children walking with their parents around the marina with no concern. The only risk is that the edge of the marina does not have a fence to keep someone from falling in to the water. The water is shallow but it would be a fall and I was a bit surprised they didn’t have a secure fence of some sort. There are vendors around the marina that will approach you to take a fishing excursion, parasailing, swim with dolphins, whale watching, you name it. They are actually nice people though and if you are friendly back to them they will see you again and say hello and not harass you. Or you can ignore them too. Again, they are nice and they are used to people ignoring them. LOL.
I have researched the web and did find that 2 hours north of Cabo San Lucas is an area considered a criminal risk. I wouldn’t travel there of course. The city is called La Paz, California Sur, Mexico (or just La Paz). To search anywhere in Mexico that is considered unsafe, you can go to this website:
Mexico Travel Warnings
It is a current listing of the unsafe areas. You can enter in Cabo San Lucas and read for yourself about La Paz.
So don’t go there. Stay at Cabo San Lucas. It is considered very safe and beautiful and fun.
Likewise Tripadvisor has many posts by vacationers about Cabo San Lucas. Here is a link that I hope still is active. (please let us know if this link becomes broken)
Trip Advisor: Cabo San Lucas


You can walk to the marina from Terrasol in about 5 minutes. There is an OXXO located there which is a mini-mart and has some of the basic stuff. The Terrasol front desk can provide directions for another smaller grocery store that is within walking distance. The big grocery store and Walmart and Costco are all too far to walk from Terrasol so you may want to get a cab. The Terrasol front desk will help you get transportation. An alternative to this is using The Prickly Pear grocery delivery service. I have been told by other renters that they LOVE this service and they have reasonable prices and a good website: https://www.pricklypearcabo.com/

From Terrasol you can walk right to a scuba shop which you will find around the marina pier. I have always used Dive Cabo. www.divecabo.com 2 days of 2 tank dives is $165. Add $25 for full equipment rental. They are full service too. They will carry your equipment to the boat and assist you with your BCD and tank connection. I’m an Advanced Nitrox diver and Cabo diving is a big reason why I love it there! Go to www.divecabo.com for more information on dive locations. My favorite is to dive with the sea lions and watch them play around you and to observe the underwater sand that cascades like a waterfall. Visibility is good and even great depending on season and conditions with the ocean surge.

Terrasol faces the Pacific ocean and you are not allowed to swim in that beach because of the surge and waves are very strong. It is not safe. It is spectacular to view! And you can just walk down the beach to Lover’s Beach (10 min walk) and swim there. Or walk to the marina and take a water taxi to that beach as well. Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are fun names. Divorce Beach I assume is named this because it faces the Pacific Ocean which has tremendous surge and tide. It is beautiful because you see the crashing waves. It is dangerous though because it can sweep you out to sea. It is serious, you cannot swim right there. But just walk down the beach to Lover’s Beach area where it is facing the inner bay. Not far walk. I would guess 200 yards. Note: You can play in the sand, sun bath, and be right by the ocean from our condos

There are 3 pools. The Palapa bar pool (my favorite) with a swim up bar ($4 frozen drinks and food is very low cost at around $7 – $10). An infinity pool (larger and at the edge of the beach). And a wading pool with fountain. Terrasol has exceptionally beautiful gardening done throughout the complex. You will see them pruning and snipping away to make it perfect during your stay.

It is VERY reasonable at Cabo for meals and entertainment! If you go to Aruba, or Virgin Islands or most island locations, it will cost you about $80 to $100 for 2 people to eat. The same type of venue will only cost around $30 to $40. Great meal, with beer and margaritas.

YES! There are lots of restaurants that face the marina pier that you can walk to in 10 minutes from Terrasol and even more another 5 minutes walk in to the main town area. Cabo Wabo (though they are not my favorite but some people want to go just to say they went) and The Giggling Marlin (one of my family’s favorite) that is VERY fun and a must if you are celebrating a birthday or occasion! When you stay at our condo, we have a book with lots of excellent references, maps and information to help make your trip to Cabo wonderful.

There are some party boats and then there are dinner cruises. Cabo Escape is more of a party boat. Caborey is more of an sit down meal and very nice entertainment. Last I recall it was $178 for 2 adults www.caborey.com. The menu offers beef tenderloin, and other quality options. The after dinner entertainment was excellent.

Yes, when you walk down to the marina area there will be vendor stations available to request parasailing, diving, swim with dolphins, deep sea fishing and more. Parasailing tandem is about $50. I parasailed and I didn’t even really get that wet. You take off from a platform at the back of the boat and they reel you back in from the sky. It is a spectacular view from the air. Make sure you bring your Hero camera and take pics while up there!

YES! Cabo San Lucas area is known as one of the best places to fish in the world. Sports fishermen come from all over to fish and catch the big ones. The time table below shows you the best time of year to fish. I have several fishing captains I have heard do very well and are reasonable, just send me a message and I will share their contact info.

Terrasol has a fantastic Palapa bar and restaurant located at their central swimming pool. It has a swim bar that serves $4 frozen drinks (yum!) and they serve food at the open air restaurant that is shaded under a thatch roof. The ocean breeze and waves crashing are heard. Very economical food too. $7 breakfast items. $10 lunch. Fresh fruit. If you catch a fish on the beach (many people do), you can give it to the Palapa chef and he will cook it for you.


That is totally up to you of course. Your decision should include a risk assessment for the time of year you travel (hurricanes and storms), if you have health concerns that could inhibit your ability to make the trip, and other elements of financial risks that you do not want to take for your trip. If you Google search “who sells the best travel insurance” you will get a lot of results. One search result displayed Allianz Travel Insurance that claims they have insured over 25 million travelers. I clicked on Allianz and found that $1000 coverage was about $150. The cost depends on how much, how long, and where you are traveling to and from and what time of the year you are traveling. You will need to do your own research and make your decision if you want travel insurance. There is a provision for refund defined in the Terrasol rental agreement in the event of a hurricane storm. You can receive a full refund for your cost of condo rental with me if you alert us 60 days before your travel date and you receive 50% refund if you alert to cancel before 30 days of your travel date. Once you are within your 30 days of travel, you are committed to your cost of condo rental with no refund, however you will not be charged for the Terrasol daily resort fees unless you make the trip and check-in to the condo.

You can exchange your money for pesos, but most all restaurants and shops accept US dollars. And they accept all major credit cards. We never had any restaurant or store incorrectly charge our credit card or steal our card info. We don’t carry pesos but do carry US dollars with us in case the credit card machine doesn’t work or you want to barter and buy something from a street-side vendor. Here is a tip for you: If you use cash in US dollars, the restaurants and vendors will typically calculate the exchange rate at 18:1 (18 pesos to 1 US dollar) even if the correct exchange rate is 20:1 (or better). It doesn’t seem like a lot but it does add up. If you use a credit card, then your bank will use the correct exchange rate but some credit cards may have an international transaction fee. And, if you exchange out US dollars to pesos and use peso cash then you can pay by pesos and receive the full benefit of the exact exchange rate. It is up to you on this and likely you may end up with a lot of spare pesos. Feel free to tuck any spare, unused pesos under our locked owner’s closet door and I will make sure they go to the maids and staff for tip money. A good place to exchange money is at the baggage claim area at the Cabo airport. They have booths setup next to baggage claim available while you wait for your bags. The baggage claim area is also a good place for restroom (very nice restrooms) after you get off the plane since you are waiting for your bags to come out anyway.

You can take a shared shuttle for about $40 per person round trip. People ask if they should take a taxi. I would not recommend that because it is pretty expensive. IT is a 45 minutes trip from the airport to Cabo San Lucas, where Terrasol is located. You can take a shared shuttle or private shuttle. Shared shuttles many times do not have anyone else in the van with you and, if so, they don’t usually take many stops.
Cabo Airport Shuttle company at https://caboairportshuttle.net is known to be reliable and serves Terrasol. Website easy to use to book your transportation.
They worked out a deal to offer 10% off to any of my renters. You must email sales@caboairportshuttle.net and tell them you are renting from Walt Lane at Terrasol. Idolina Juarez will reply to confirm your rental and discount which should come out to $34.20 round trip per person for shared shuttle. Private shuttles are more expensive.
Currently only private shuttles are available (Covid requirements) at Cabo so the price of the shuttle is now $121.50 round trip (includes 10% discount) from what I understand. This price is a total cost for the round trip up to 6 passengers.
Another option is calling Bruno Gonzales. Our UBER driver who we email directly now and he only charges $35 for each trip from the airport to Terrasol. He has a car so the limit would be 2 passengers in his car with luggage. You can text him with Whatsapp on his Mexico cell phone number 624-127-9614

Whether you rent a car or take a shuttle and walk, your best transportation option depends on how many people need to travel and if you want to drive around Cabo to places farther than walking distance from Terrasol. See my note on cost for car rental which is (with full coverage insurance) about $60 per day. Also note that Terrasol is very close walk to the marina, Lover’s Beach, and most restaurants and activities. 5 to 10 minute walk.

You can rent a car but you will find that all major car rental companies such as Enterprise, National, Budget, etc claim their rate is only $4 or $5 per day! Wow! But then, regrettably their insurance is much higher. And, if you book it in advance at United States, when you get to the rental place they will tell you that the Complete Coverage does not include a required Liability that Mexican law requires. The total for complete coverage will be another $60 or $70 additional over the $4 rental portion. Crazy!
So the WONDERFUL people at Terrasol took the time one day to call around Cabo and find the best rate car rental places. They were able to effectively engage in Spanish and find out the best options. The answer was not using the big-name places. U-Save was $45 high season, $35 low season per day. (I can’t promise you this rate is till effective but it may be close) https://www.usave.com/
And Europcar at $65 high season and $42 low season per day
You can also check these economical car rental website as: www.europcar.com.mx and also www.paylesscarmexico.com

Yes. They charge $5 per day for parking. Not bad. And the good news is that if you rent our 2 bedroom condo, you can usually find a parking close to the condo. The studio condo is fairly close to the parking as well (about 200 feet from lobby) and is just a short walk past the fountain pool and beautiful gardens. Both places are on the first floor. I made a point to not buy a second floor condo because you have to walk up a narrow steep stairway. Not fun. Easy entry for our condos on the first floor and walk right out on the beach from the patio.

Consider using Google Maps (not the Apple maps app) if you want to navigate at Cabo. It works better in my opinion. Or buy a cheap Garmin GPS and bring it along. It takes about 45 minutes to drive to Terrasol from the airport. You may want to stop at Walmart on your way there since it is on the same side of the highway driving South to Terrasol. Otherwise, Walmart is only a 10 minute drive from Terrasol or again, you can just go to the little mini mart called OXXO that is a 5 minute walk from Terrasol near the marina.

Our condos at Terrasol are fully outfitted for you. The cleaning service will have loaded TP and you will have clean beach towels, bath towels, linens, soap, laundry soap (we have washer and dryer!), blow dryer. Bring your own tooth brush! LOL And shampoo and razor (all the same things you would bring to stay at a hotel). But our condo is MUCH nicer than a hotel with its amenities such as the washer/dryer, expansive living area, beautiful view and walk right out on the sand! If you do not have a car and need grocery items that are not available at the nearby OXXO, then you can have them delivered by this company: https://www.pricklypearcabo.com/

I’ll start from the point while you are in the plane traveling to Cabo to when you walk out of Customs and are on the street hailing a cab or your transportation to go to Terrasol.
Get your Passport

I need to also make an obvious point that you do need to make sure you get a Passport that is valid (not expired). The new Passport card cannot be used for air travel to Mexico. You have to bring the little book. That is all you need. Consider taking a picture of your Passport with your cell phone and keeping that as a backup in case you lose your Passport. If you do lose your Passport you will need to make a trip to the immigration office at Mexico. Fun stuff. Well, I’m not going to write about that process (too long) but if you get hung up down there I have connections of people who will assist you and usher you through the process to help you. Could be a lifesaver. Please also note that getting a passport can’t be done within 24 hours. You need to plan a couple months in advance unless you are lucky enough to live at a city that processes the Passports. There are services that will expedite Passport process, email me and I will direct you to that if you get in a pinch.
Global Access (GOES) program

We highly recommend getting Global Access (GOES). It allows for a quick return to USA. And if you travel frequently out of the country, you will really benefit from this. It is a hassle to get the interview scheduled but otherwise it is well worth the $100 for 5 year program. Watch your renewal. They don’t send you a reminder so mark your calendar 1 year in advance of your renewal. Here is the link https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/
Bring a couple black ink pens

Your flight may be short on pens to fill out the forms when they hand them out. Plus, during the Covid times Mexico has made temporary forms to fill out and they just hand them to you after you exit the plane and no one is ready for this and you are scrambling for a pen.
Fill out the FMM and Customs paperwork on the plane

When you are about 1 hour away from landing the airline stewards will give you your FMM and Customs paperwork to fill out. One FMM per person and one Customs per family. Watch the date format on the form because it is the DD-MM-YYYY. Many people miss that.
Leaving the plane to Immigration Desk

At Cabo San Lucas airport you have to walk down steps on to the airport tarmac. Kind of lame. People are outside to direct you exactly to the building entrance. Once in there is some walking through the building but not too long. Your next stop is to talk to the immigration desk. If you are lucky there won’t be too long of a line. I haven’t had to wait more than 30 minutes. You won’t have your checked luggage yet. When you get to that desk they will ask you for your Passport and FMM form. They will review it. Maybe ask some questions about how long you staying. Then stamp it and give back to you with the bottom receipt. YOU MUST NOT LOSE THAT! Keep that part safely with you. If you do lose it, it isn’t the end of the world. You can get it replaced at the airport near the ticket counter area but for a price (of course). I think about $80. And it is time consuming probably Maybe an hour so it puts a bind on your return trip.
From Immigration Desk to Baggage Claim

Now you walk to baggage claim to get your luggage that you checked. It is just 50 feet away. Very close. The airport isn’t very big. Pretty simple. Just maybe 3 baggage claim belts. I can’t remember exactly how many. Get your bags. They have carts there too and last I saw they were free to use (fyi)
Baggage Claim to Customs

Now you have all your bags claimed you walk to Customs line. Just walk to the end of the room and around the corner. Not far from baggage claim. This is the part that always gives me a little anxiety because I suppose they could hassle you here for what stuff you brought to Mexico Which is crazy to me like who would be bringing contraband to Mexico? Your Customs form will tell you what you have limit to bring. Not more than $10,000 cash. And I am still not sure if it is $300 or $500 of personal items plus your items. Your Customs form will have that stated. Here is a link to a form that states it is $300 maximum value. I believe this is an official form but please also remember that laws do change and that I am only providing you my opinion and help to understand the process and not accepting any liability to your decisions for what you bring to Mexico.
When you walk up to the Custom agent, they will engage you and probably just look at the number of luggage you are bringing, ask you how long you staying. Then they smile and have you press this button that will either make a light be green or red. It is a random light so you can’t plan for if you get green or red. But most the time it is green. I think about 10% time it goes red. If green then you are done. Just walk on out the door. If it is red then you will be directed to put your luggage through a belt that is just 10 feet away and they scan it and then peek inside of it to confirm that you haven’t misled what is on your Customs form. Then, you are home free. I have never had a situation where they have stopped me and said “hey, you have more”. Maybe someday! Hope not. I believe the penalty is 16% Mexican tax. But maybe more if they think that you were trying to pull a fast one on them.
Customs Cleared and Now Let’s Have Fun!

The walk to the street from Customs is very short. You will be immediately engaged by people behind the counter acting like they are official helpers and information that you must have while at Cabo. They are all solicitors, mostly to get you to a Time Share. Many people asking you for help for your bags. If you have it on a cart or managing it well enough to get through Customs, honestly why do you need help at this point? Finally, when you get to the street there are a lot of taxis, shuttle services and car rental shuttle vans. This Q&A already provides information about options for transportation to Terrasol. I hope this helps relieve any anxiety you may have. The whole process from getting off the plane to getting to the street is probably 30 minutes minimum to 1 hour maximum. Not really that bad. Sometime the process is only 15 minutes during low season! Time to travel to Terrasol from airport is about 45 minutes. Taking the approximate $2 usd toll highway will save some time. They take US currency at the toll and will give you change. The fact that they take US currency for their federal highway toll is surprising. Imagine giving pesos at a US toll booth. Whether or not you rent from Jana and me, we hope that this was a help for you.

It takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport. So add that to the time you want to allow before departure of your flight. We try to get to the airport no later than 1.5 hours prior to flight departure. But usually 2 hours. You never know. The extra time at the airport can be used to relax at the Corona Restaurant. Order shrimp tacos. They are excellent. The airport is small. Not many gates. You will likely be able to see your gate from the Corona restaurant.