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Should you rent a car at Cabo?

Dec 29, 2021

Whether you rent a car or take a shuttle and walk, your best transportation option depends on how many people need to travel and if you want to drive around Cabo to places farther than walking distance from Terrasol.  

Renting a car will cost about $60 per day with full coverage insurance.  Many people insist they have the insurance coverage included with their American Express credit card however most car rental companies at Cabo do not consider that satisfactory and will insist you buy their insurance.  

I believe you should forego renting a car since Terrasol is a very close walk to the marina and most restaurants and activities.  It is typically a 5 to 10 minute walk from Terrasol to most of these popular destinations.  You can also use an Uber driver for just a few dollars cost so when you factor in the cost of the car rental and the $5 per day parking at Terrasol, it just makes more sense to hire a driver..

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