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How to get your COVID test to fly back from Cabo

Dec 21, 2021

Travelers are asking about the process to receive the correct COVID test for your return flight home after visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

As you may already know, the CDC requires you must provide a negative Antigen test result signed off by a doctor so you have the proper paperwork to provide the airline.  Vaccinated or unvaccinated, we all must have this test performed within 24 hours of your flight departure.  Do not worry. 

Terrasol front desk will arrange for the doctor to come to your condo to perform the test at your convenience.  He is a fun, young guy that will get the test done and give your results while you wait in your condo and give you the paperwork you need for your departure flight. 

The cost is currently $40 but has come down recently to as low as $23 if you want to alternatively go to a testing center near the marina (10 minute walk from Terrasol).

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