Terrasol Resort Condos | Cabo San Lucas

Dec 29, 2021

Transportation at Cabo from the airport to Terrasol or any destination at Cabo San Lucas will require a taxi, shuttle van or Uber.  It is a 45 minute drive from the airport to Cabo San Lucas.  Shared shuttle services have been available for years but with the Covid rules in place, you must rent a private shuttle.  The good news is the price is not much higher and you will get to your condo sooner.  Probably worth getting the private transportation anyway.  

Taxi service is the most expensive at around $100 each trip.  Shuttle van will be about $80.  Uber about $40.  You can send me a message on this website and I can provide you direct contact information for the shuttle service or Uber drivers we have been using and are very reliable.  The only challenge with Uber drivers is that they cannot pick you up at the main exit area which is reserved only for registered taxi drivers and shuttle services.  Not to worry though, the airport at Cabo is small and easy to navigate.  

Once you get through customs (the final inspection point at the airport where they ask you if you have anything to declare) you will walk through a corridor of people wanting you to buy a timeshare and taxi service.  Just walk through that area and instead of going out the main exit you go up the escalator to the upper level and exit out those doors and the Uber driver can pick you up right at that entry.  If you are a large group or have a lot of luggage, you may need to get a shuttle van because of your vehicle capacity requirement.  The shuttle van service I recommend will be at the main exit and have a sign up with your last name. 

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